Thermafiber manufactures and customizes mineral wool insulation for commercial buildings, industrial applications and residential construction. They specialize in high- rise construction which is why they developed Thermafiber Insolutions®, a systematic approach to help you precisely plan and install insulation on time and on budget. Thermafiber is a leading manufacturer of Mineral Wool insulation products. They also offer industrial, residential, and marine mineral wool products, conserving energy, controlling sound and providing fire protection.

Six Myths Surrounding the Building Envelope

Individual components or a preconfigured system? R-values. Fire safety. Sustainability. These and other issues are topics of debate, and often misinformation, among specifiers. This article parses out facts from commonly held beliefs.

Building Science Pseudologoi

Pseudologoi were the personifications, or tangible manifestations, of lies and falsehoods in Greek Mythology. Myths are stories that people know to take as parables, not to interpret literally. But falsehoods are dangerous.

How Mineral Wool is Made

Water Repellence

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